Are You Making a Solid Investment?

Are You Making a Solid Investment?

Complete an investment property inspection in Overland Park, Olathe, KS and the Kansas City metro area

There's a home you'd like to flip or use as a rental property, but you don't know much about its condition. Is it worth the investment? Will you have to put in more money than you'll get out of it? KC Property Experts Home Inspections of Overland Park, Olathe and Kansas City, KS can help you find out. We offer a basic "walk and talk" inspection to point out your property's most urgent needs.

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Focus on the important things

To provide quick insight on the condition of a property, we offer a simplified inspection and condensed report. Our five-point inspection process assesses the following components of your property:


Does your roof need to be repaired or replaced anytime soon?


Are there any cracks or structural deficiencies that need to be addressed?


Does your electrical panel need to be upgraded? Does your home need to be rewired?


Can your home efficiently maintain a comfortable temperature?


Are there any leaks or inefficiencies that need attention?

Trust KC Property Experts Home Inspections to complete a straightforward inspection of your potential investment.